Words and Sentences

Words in Korean aren't much more than just syllables written together.

Here's a word:


It means "mom".

We can break it down like always:

엄 = ㅇ + ㅓ + ㅁ = nothing + u + m

마 = ㅁ + ㅏ = m + aa

So, 엄마 = umma.

Sentences are obviously just words in order, so:

넌 멍청해.

You can break it down on your own, but we'll just skip to combining words:

넌 = nun

멍청해 = 멍 + 청 + 해 = mung + chung + heh

So, the whole sentence is:

Nun mung-chung-heh.

It means, "you are dumb".

Now we'll practice with some popular lyrics:

내 말 맞다면 throw your hands up


거부할 수 없다고 baby girl, oh (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

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