The HanguLingo Privacy Policy

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1. What's in this policy?

This is the privacy policy for when you're using HanguLingo's website ("the Website") and app ("the app").

It is written by HanguLingo.

It tells you:

2. What does this policy cover?

This policy covers the services that are offered by HanguLingo.

a. This policy doesn't cover...

Services that HanguLingo links to, including but not limited to, the support form, external videos, and external streaming services.

3. How does HanguLingo protect my personal information?

HanguLingo is committed to keeping your information safe. HanguLingo does its best to protect all of your information.

No service is 100% secure. If you have concerns, please reach out through the support form.

4. What information does HanguLingo collect about me?

This section will detail the information HanguLingo collects about you.

a. Information you provide

When you interact with a HanguLingo service, like the support form, you may be asked to provide personal information. This is the only information that HanguLingo currently collects and stores.

5. How long will HanguLingo store my personal information?

HanguLingo stores your personal information indefinitely. If you wish to request that your personal information is deleted, please contact HanguLingo.

6. How can HanguLingo use my personal information?

Information you provide to us

HanguLingo can use provided information, like your email, to contact you.

7. When will HanguLingo use my information to contact me?

HanguLingo will use your information to contact you when it is responding to a support query.

8. When will HanguLingo send me marketing materials?

HanguLingo will not send you marketing materials unless you consented when you provided your personal information.

9. When does HanguLingo share my personal information.

HanguLingo does not share your personal information.

10. What's different for kids and teens?

HanguLingo will not collect your personal information or contact you.

HanguLingo may ask for your age before you access our services.

11. Can I delete my information?

HanguLingo does not guarantee that your information can be deleted. However, you may contact us and request that your information is deleted.

12. What are my rights?

You are in control of your personal information.

You have the right to:

HanguLingo cannot always help you exercise these rights.

How does HanguLingo use cookies or similar tracking?

Cookies are small text files send to computer or device when you access HanguLingo.

HanguLingo does not use cookies or other tracking technologies.

a. Local storage

HanguLingo does employ local storage on your device to store your progress.

This information never reaches HanguLingo's servers. It is stored solely on your device.

You can clear local storage by selecting the option when clearing your browser's history or cache.

How will I find out about changes to this policy?

You can check this policy anytime. It may change to be in accordance with the latest laws.

How can I contact HanguLingo?

You can contact HanguLingo through the support form.